FAQs stands for frequently asked questions, which help you understand and resolve the various questions which is in your mind. Let’s reveal the Digital Marketing facts.


  • 1. What are some major role in a Digital Marketing Company?

    In the world of growing technology and advancement of Digital in the different sectors, Digital Marketing Company have a major role to play for business growth. The Digital Marketing Agencies have to understand their role in Digital domain. Always work with Digital Marketing Agency who are creative minded, embedded with technologists and also have expertise in different aspects. The some of the major role of a Digital Marketing Agency are;
    • The company have ability to understand the potential market according to business and create a Marketing Strategy along with work roadmap for brand formation.
    • The company have ability to engaging and appealing resources for homogeneous client base.
    • The company have ability to execute and measure the strategy with the help of analytics tool like Google Analytics to know the result of Digital Marketing Campaigns.
    If a Digital Marketing Agency have expertise with above role considered it as Best Digital Marketing Agency.

  • 2. Why you choose Digital Marketing Agency in Raipur?

    As we all were talking about growth in marketing as well as in different domains. Raipur is also one of the major smart city in India growing rapidly. Raipur, capital city of Chhattisgarh is enrich with diversified and business minded people who is following their business passion into different sectors. The owners the company work in best companies which is situated in tier-1 cities like Bangalore, Delhi. So, Digital Marketing Companies in Raipur are augment with knowledge about the local customer persona and their market competition.

  • 3. How to choose right Digital Marketing Agency in Raipur?

    There are many Digital Marketing Agency in Raipur . But in spite of that you have to choose best and as a business owner you need to consider following points;
    • Expertise: Although the size of the business is important and the perfect sized agency among Digital Marketing Agencies in Raipur. As the strength of experienced help you to explore your business potential customer’s from different personas. Expertise doesn’t symbolise the year of experience.
    • Company Reputation: Taking in glance about the most reputed marketing agencies in Raipur is one of the major factor. So, apart from paid advertisement the customer reviews, success story, case study and consistency are the major deciding factors.
    • Domain Knowledge: Schedule a meeting either online or offline to understand the personas of both the parties client as well as Digital Marketing Companies.

  • 4. What are the best SEO practices offered by SEO Company and get benefits for your business?

    SEO stands of Search Engine Optimization which means optimization of your online presence according to the Algorithm defined by different companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Generally there are two practices involved in SEO that is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. A good SEO consultant always follow the White Hat SEO technique to rank you on SERPs page. There are many companies who abide the rules of Search Engine Algorithm and it leads to severe penalty in the form of Rank Degradation. SEO Companies in Raipur also follow some wrong practices to get higher ranking, but I as a SEO Consultant I always advice you to explore best and genuine practices although SERPs always reward unique and best content.

  • 5. How Digital Marketing Company play an important role in your business Growth?

    Yes, Digital Marketing Company play an important role in your business growth. The reason is over more than million are people are online nowadays either they are surfing, using Social Media or watching online movies, they are connected with the internet. Digital Marketing is only method of marketing using internet. Digital Marketing Companies have strong targeting options and also they track the campaign result instantly.

  • 6. What are the major packages offered by a Best Digital Marketing Company?

    Digital Marketing Companies have a lot to offer so, first understanding and analysis is important. As we are Best Digital Marketing Company in Raipur, at SeoStreet our engagement with client is as follow;
    • We engage with your team to understand your brand requirement.
    • To be unique we start working on in depth analysis and prepare a kind of detailed proposal which covers all the aspect.
    • Once both the parties agreed on the scope and target we will initiate the pre level work and our research team start collecting data and accordingly the team is formed.
    For SEO Services in Raipur we follow different approach. Get in touch with SeoStreet get more details at talk@seostreet.in

  • 7. What practices makes Best Social Media Marketing Company?

    Hey folks as you know there are more than 100+ Social Media Marketing Company in different locations but few of them are Best Social Media Marketing Company. You can choose the Best Social Media Marketing Company if they fulfil following criteria;
    • Domain Expertise: First and for most point which makes any company best is that the company have in depth understanding of Social Media Marketing Domain.
    • Audience Understanding: The Company must know how to define key customer base according to the business, because if you fairly selected the right customer base you can easily market your business.
    • Marketing Strategy and Platform Selection: The Best Social Media Marketing Company must understand the business requirement and accordingly plan a tremendous strategy that will lead you to best ROI. You can do your marketing on multi social media platform, but a good marketer understand the nature of business first and then choose the right social media platform to market your product.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Social Media Marketing Company must know how to track the Campaign Result. As if you are working with sales funnel you can also find the reason where you are losing your customer. In the meanwhile to be truthful you must have Report the entire Campaign Result to the Customer so that they can easily track their business growth.
    If any Social Media Marketing Company are working on the above model may be classified as Best Social Media Marketing Company .

  • 8. Is spending your money on Social Media Marketing is worth?

    Yes, spending your money on social media marketing company is worth but it will also depend upon type of business and the Social Media Consultant you choose to market your business. The Social Media Marketing is fruitful only when you are working with right strategy and implementing it on right customer base.

  • 9. Is Digital Marketing trends changes day by day? If yes then How?

    Yes, Digital Marketing trends are changing day by day. As previously we are following the old practices like collecting email in excel, posting individually on different platform, creating backlink in any sector website, copying other content and many more activities. But nowadays Google are Updating their algorithm according to the user and also they are rewarding good and innovative content. Here I wrote an awesome blog about the Trends of Digital Marketing in 2019 . I try to mention each and every point which is to be used nowadays or in future to market your product.

  • 10. What is SEO? How SEO helps to grow your business?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which simply means optimization of your website according to your potential customer base. SEO help you to rank your website on SERPs page on different keywords which is search by users and according to the research if your website is appearing in the first five result organically, the traffic on your website increased by more than 70%.

  • 11. Is Spending on Digital Marketing is worth?

    Yes spending on Digital Marketing is worth but you have to invest only in right direction and on right place with right agency.

  • 12. What is ON Page SEO? What are the best SEO practices?

    ON Page SEO stands for optimization of internal structure of your website so that user can easily access your different website pages. The On Page SEO includes many activities like setting proper link, Meta title, Meta description, keyword insertion, schema setup and many more. Here I wrote an awesome blog about ON Page Optimization and best practices of ON Page Optimization .

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